The book by Raija Lydecken was the No. 1. New Release in Business Fashion and Image category, when released. The book will make you understand your own colors and how to use them to look great and spend less. It tells of a simplified system that everyone can easily use to pick out colors to enhance their own coloring. When you know your dominant color characteristic, you are well on your way to choose your best colors from all the shops for your clothes, make-up, furniture, car, pets and anything that has color. On the cover you see six ladies, each in their dominant color characteristic: SOFT, CLEAR, LIGHT, DEEP, WARM, COOL. Harmony is the key. Did you ever wonder, why someone looked so good and others did not? Did you ever buy clothes but never wore them? Did you ever struggle trying to pick out pieces from the latest trend? We are all in the same boat in this respect. However, it is very easy to look your best when you know some simple basics. This is a book for everyone who is interested in the magic of colors and would like to know what they can do for you: women, men and children alike. Not forgetting our pets and the surroundings we live in.