How to Stand Out Without Saying a Word

Wouldn´t it be great if every time you stepped into a room, everyone would notice that you have arrived? You would stroll around and enjoy the admiring gazes from everyone around you in any situation, anywhere, every time?

This scenario is available to anyone, who wants to spend a little time to learn how it´s done.

Read on…

Even though it was decades ago, I still remember the time, when no one noticed me. Especially, if I was in the company of other girls. Many of them were always noticed, whereas others were not, just like me.

I really didn´t pay much attention to how I looked until one day, much later, when I met a lady, who recommended a very interesting book for me to read about how colors have been categorized for different colors of people to enhance their own coloring. It had never occurred to me that colors are something we should be paying attention to when we choose clothes or furniture or flowers or anything.

That book changed my life forever.

As soon as I read the book, I submitted my application for training in London, England to learn more. Off I went to learn all about the world of colors and how to make a profession in consulting people on choosing the best colors for themselves to look better in all situations and to save money by not investing in the wrong color of clothes, make-up, hair color, furniture, interiors, cars, etc.

As it turned out, in 10 years, the business grew to 50 consultants with thousands of customers from all walks of life. During those years I pretty much ate, drank and slept colors, fashion, image and design 24/7.

Then, it was time to move on, but the awareness of colors always stuck tight and that knowledge supported me throughout my life.

All this time, it has been a mystery to me why people want to use colors that do not enhance their own colors. Everyone deserves to look good and can do so if they want to.

During those years, thousands of people were introduced to the system of using colors that click with their own coloring. They saw with their own eyes that some colors bring out their own colors and really make a huge difference.

Do you have that glow?

When you use your best range of colors in your clothing, make-up, hair, personal surroundings, that resonate with your own colors, your own colors work together with those colors. You will have a glow about you.

That “glow” is what people notice. They look at you, they stop, they look away and then they look back at you wondering what is going on with you. Are you in love? How can you look so healthy, so wonderful, so different?

The same thing happens, except just the opposite, when your colors are working against your own coloring. Yes, colors can also work against you and make you look pale, scruffy, unpolished and so many other negative things.

For People Who Like People

You don´t need to be in the beauty business to take advantage of your personal appearance. You just need to be in the people business because we all make choices, every day, on the basis of how we feel about the people around us.

When we see harmony, we feel better than when we see something that is not in harmony. Harmony clicks and makes us feel warm inside.

When colors are in harmony, it is considered beautiful and appealing. We can take advantage of this harmony all day, every day if we want to. When you use your best colors, it is easier to make new contacts. People like what they see from the very start without realizing why.

In show business, the colors are screaming for attention and as a result of watching so many videos and movies on so many screens, it looks like people have become color blind. It is no wonder that e.g. black is overly used by people in their everyday clothes. Black goes well with the dull cities with black pavements and gray buildings. If you want to look great in black, you would need to have deep colors that supports the black and balance it.

You Can Use All Colors

It is a relief for everyone to know that everybody can wear all colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple etc. when the shade and intensity matches their own coloring. You need to look at your hair, skin and eye color and determine whether you need your colors Deep, Light, Soft, Clear, Warm or Cool.

That is how colors work in a nutshell.

There is more.

To get an idea, just walk outside and have a look at nature. What do you see? All the colors are in harmony. Mother Nature is smarter than people. Nature gives us energy and makes us feel better. It is difficult to explain how and why. It just does and a lot of credit falls on the colors.

It´s All About Vibrations

When talking to people, I learned that some people see colors at concerts when they close their eyes as the music is playing.

Having taught in beauty schools, there was an opportunity to listen to presentations about the wave lengths of different colors. That was another eye opener to how special colors are. People have their own special coloring and when that coloring is enhanced with similar colors, harmony appears. This we call beauty.

When buying clothes and other color products we put on ourselves, we get the best result when we take into consideration our own coloring because it all vibrates together either in harmony or not.

Whenever different color drapes were placed on customers, I noticed a clicking sound and didn´t realize what it was. It is not strange that vibrations make noise but that colors do so too!?

Since everything is vibration, why wouldn´t colors vibrate? That must be what the “glow” is all about when colors are in harmony. It must be the vibrations of the colors that convey to us that something is beautiful. We feel drawn to something when it is in harmony.

Right colors on the right people, is one big reason why some people turn heads and others don´t!

The Million Dollar Vibrations

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