The Million Dollar Vibrations

Everything is vibration and if I told you that you have a million dollar vibration, would you believe me?

Probably not, but let me tell you how you can also access the million dollar vibration club together with all the beautiful people in this world, of who some are millionaires and some not. Sounds a bit strange, don´t you think? If you can let go of the thought for a few minutes and continue reading, I can explain.

Before I can open this subject further, I must talk a little about the past and how my life has taken so many turns that sometimes I feel dizzy. Astrologically speaking, I am once again starting a new phase from the beginning, like we do every 12 years, every 30 years, etc. My knowledge of astrology is limited but having been intrigued by it for the past 30 years and beyond, there are some points in time that I am forced to pay attention to in respect to my own life path. Now is one of those times. Many similar things are happening in the sky right now as the world again turns.

During these previous points of time, I moved to a new country (twice), got married/divorced, moved to new surroundings, started as an entrepreneur  (twice), to mention a few.

The 12 years is not the only marker of time, however. There are many others as well. E.g. the nodes of the moon are changing signs and are at the same place, where they were about 19 years ago, meaning that I am reflecting back to what happened in my life at that time. For some reason, astrology works as a very telling time piece for me. At the moment, these two markers are happening at the same time for many people. That is what makes it more noticeable.

Everything is possible and nothing is impossible and this is because there seems to be a system to everything that is happening.

Just the other day, I was watching and listening to one of my favorite astrology podcasts, the Astrology Hub and they were interviewing the “Merlin” astrologer, Rick Levine. It really stopped me in my tracks, when he started to talk about how colors are vibrations and that the colors we see, are vibrations. The lowest vibrations we see is RED and lower vibrations than red, is infra-red. At the other end of the spectrum we have VIOLET. That is the highest vibration we see. The higher vibrations than that are ultra-violet. So simple.

It is only lately that I have focused on how colors can actually help us when we use them as seems to be planned in the bigger picture. By this, I mean that we all have our special coloring, which means that we all have a special vibration. Because colors are vibrations, just like music, we can learn to use these vibrations to our benefit.

I´m thinking that is it perhaps possible that colors are more important than we realize. The nature doesn´t get it wrong. People do. When people dress and use make-up in all colors and change their look by changing all their colors, can it be healthy for them? Of course everyone can wear all colors but everyone can´t wear all shades and intensities of a color.

Just think, when music is played according to notes, it sounds good. In the same way, when colors are worn according to “notes”, which are the shades and intensities of a color, it looks (and sounds if we could only hear) good. Colors are vibrations and we see those vibrations as color. In addition there are other vibrations we don´t see or hear. Still, they exist.

This brings me back to astrology, because it clicks very much like colors. They both share similarities to understanding the big picture but it now looks like the 4x3=12 is just the beginning when understanding it all. Frequencies expand the math to new levels. This I learned from David Cochrane, who is into vibrational astrology in a big way.

It is not always easy to pick out what we, as an individual, would need to choose in order to enhance our own life and wellbeing. When thinking about which colors to wear to make us look our best, we don´t usually think about vibrations, wave lengths and frequencies! But we, as individuals, have our own vibrations and frequencies. To make the best of ourselves and our lives, we need to match these vibrations to create harmony in our everyday lives.

And, everything is connected. The more I learn, the more I can see that we don´t really have that much choice in the big picture throughout our lives, although we like to think that we are in charge. Of course, we are in charge of many things but then again, we are far from being in charge in other areas of our lives. For each person, it works out differently. There is a road map, however, but we get to see much of it in hind sight. That´s when it all clicks into place, if we keep track of the dates and events and want to look back.

Some people might think that it is scary not being in control of your own life. Some think that it is safe to be part of the system, although we don´t know what system we are part of. Daily life is enough for most people and that is fine. Then again, everyone seems to want to look like a million dollars in every walk of life. This I know, because I have been in the beauty business nearly all my life. We all want to look and feel great. Many of us, however, are not willing to put in the work to achieve what we understand as the millionaire look.

With the whole world in lock down, there has been time to reflect on the life before lock down. For a long time many of us were wondering, how long will we be able to live like we are in “Disneyland” every day of the year? Buying everything we see, whether we need it or not. Eating, drinking, partying and looking like we are part of a movie every day? To me, it seemed like people didn´t matter. Only what we possessed, what we wore and masqueraded ourselves to be was important and valuable. Well, it was a lot of fun but like with too much of a good thing, it often comes to a halt. There has to be a change and there certainly was! We are all living it and feeling it. This seems to be one of those “hind sight” moments in time.

Since I am looking at the world often through my “beauty” glasses, I notice things from that perspective and to me, it often seemed that people were missing the point while trying to get the best of what was on offer for them. For example, people want to look expensive to make a good impression. As a result, they would buy expensive clothes, shoes, make-up etc. Nothing else was more important than that the piece was expensive and that other people could see that. It didn´t matter if that piece enhanced the person wearing it or not.

You are probably wondering what on earth am I talking about! Well, I am talking about vibrations because everything is vibrations and we either resonate with the vibrations, or not. If the colors you are wearing don´t match your own vibrations, you are not looking your best. It is very easy to understand that music is vibrations. Everyone loves music and that´s why concerts of all kinds are so popular. Music does so much to so many on so many levels. Although it doesn´t seem to be common knowledge, colors have a similar effect.

In the same way, colors are vibrations, even though most of us never hear colors. I´ve heard many musicians say that they see colors when they hear music. That is because music and colors seem to share the same vibrations and very sensitive people get to see colors at concerts as an extra bonus! We don´t necessarily react to colors as strongly, but the vibrations in colors are there and they have a big part in our lives, even if we don´t realize it.

Just take a moment and think what a hospital feels like, what a forest feels like, what the beach feels like. How about the city? Think of different places, where you felt comfortable and where you did not feel comfortable.  Think whether there was harmony in colors or just the opposite.

Choosing the best colors for people, has been my profession for years but in the recent past, people wanted to use screaming colors and change their appearance to something they were not more often than enhancing their own beauty. The more peculiar was the best. Still, at the same time, people wanted to look like a million dollars. It is quite a challenge to combine those two things with the best possible end result, but it can be done, too.

We really need to look at nature and learn from its many shades and intensities of color. We can all look like a million dollars and get the attention we deserve. The recipe for each person, however, is different.  Since we are living in cities, with limited colors surrounding us at all times, we don´t see the complete picture. Black pavement with bright colored cars and shop windows, the contrast is huge. When comparing this to a scene in nature, we see more harmony and that feels so much better for most people.

Everyone doesn´t need everything that everyone else has and needs. Less is more, also in this case. We are all born with our own special vibration and that includes the coloring, we inherit based on our genes. When you want to look like a million dollars and be noticed as the person that you are, you need to take a close look in the mirror and accept your coloring and be proud of it, no matter what coloring you were born with and enhance that.

The key is to resonate also with colors, although most people cannot hear colors. Colors play a very big role in happiness and well being. Most people can hear when music is played “wrong”. It hurts our ears. In the same way, it hurts our eyes, when colors are used “wrong”. Unfortunately, we are so used to using colors that don´t resonate with our own coloring that it doesn´t feel bad enough to look at colors out of sync.

I´m thinking that if all the people in the world would use colors that resonate with their own coloring, it would have a collective effect on the well being of everyone and everything. This is because our collective vibration would probably have a bigger effect in the overall vibration of people.

The reason for thinking this way is the fact that I have been involved with colors and people for so many years and have witnessed the positive results with people, who have started using their own best colors whenever possible. These people look harmonious and are pleasing to the eye. People notice them and wonder how can they always look so good and stand out from other people in a pleasant way.  It is my strong belief that if people would start being more critical about the colors they use, it would make a huge different in many areas of life because colors are magic!
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